SEO best practices for new websites

Written by Sherlock SEO Agency

Many new as well as existing websites face the same problems. Set up your website SEO optimally with the key SEO tips we often encounter during our SEO audits. The issues below should be easy for you to fix yourself.

SEO always revolves around three things:

Technical SEO basics

The most important thing is that Google can crawl your website, you can determine this for example with your robots.txt file allowing Googlebot on your website. If you want to set this up yourself, you can set it up in your WordPress settings (write/read) or through Yoast. Be sure to submit your website to Google Search Console.

For content, I have two important tips: on-page SEO and content:

On-page SEO basics

A common mistake with many websites are problems against On-page SEO best-practices.

Is your homepage called “homepage”? 😬Go ahead and quickly change it to something that says much more to your potential customers. When you look at the search results you notice there is a title, address and description. If you fill those in as an ad you’re going to rank a lot higher because Google will better understand what your site is about and searchers are more likely to click on your website.

Optimize this for all pages:

  • Page title
  • Page Description
  • Headers
  • Images: file names and alternative descriptions
  • Internal links

Do you work with WordPress? Then use an SEO plugin like Yoast that lets you easily make changes to your on-page SEO.

Write relevant and unique content

Many websites have “services” or “services” pages or pages per service, but when you look at the content, this content is insubstantial. Describe your services as best you can, what does it mean to your client, what region do you work in, how do you operate, do you have reviews…. ? Google can place only one page at the top, and that is the page that best answers the search query for the search engine. Put yourself in your potential customer’s shoes before writing content.

Google your services and see which pages rank high, analyze the content, description, page name, etc… If necessary, use an SEO tool to gain more insight faster. With this SEMRUSH link you can use this ultimate SEO software for free for 14 days instead of 7 (cost: 99€/month)


As for links, as a start-up website you won’t have done much about that yet. What you’re checking is your Google My Business and Facebook page. Start building links to your website from your social profiles and place links to your social profiles from your website. After that, you can start working more on PR to possibly gather other links.

So these are our top tips, if you apply these you are guaranteed to score higher in Google, now it is a matter of investing enough time in implementing the tips. Or ask Sherlock for help.

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