What is a copywriter?

Written by Sherlock SEO Agency

A copywriter is actually a text writer. Generally, however, the term refers to a specific kind of writer: someone who provides texts that are intended (directly or indirectly) to sell something. These can be brochure texts or advertising slogans, for example, but often involve web texts such as blogs, news releases and promotional texts for businesses.

Unlike the copywriter, the copywriter is not necessarily interested in grammar or spelling, but in bringing about an action in the reader. And that in turn requires very different capabilities. Consequently, most copywriters learn their craft well only in practice.

However, there are numerous courses offered with which the copywriter can become more proficient: drafting sales letters, creating attractive brochures, taking search engine findability into account, etc. He must also have a feel for social media because many campaigns are run through that media. In addition, he must know how to make websites findable in search engines and must know about consumer psychology and marketing. Copywriters often write their texts in only one language.

Many copywriters are employed by an advertising, media or communications agency. Larger companies usually have their own copywriters as well. Most copywriters are freelancers. They have to deal with marketers , front-end developers , communications staff , content managers , visual designers , traffic managers , UX designers and editors during their work, for example .

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