What is a website?

Written by Sherlock SEO Agency

The literal meaning of website is “place on the Internet. A Web site is a collection of pages accessible via the Internet. A Web site can be reached through a domain name or address (URL). The address and website content are two separate things. The website source code is placed on a server at the hosting company (say a company that rents computer space). The name of your web address can be purchased from your hosting company, but just as easily through a registrar (they only deal in domain names).
A Web site may consist of a single page (also called a “one-pager”), then some Web sites have many millions of pages.

A website is usually informational (example: Wikipedia), commercial (example: Amazon) or a help desk (example: stackexchange). A website differs from an application in that an app can be downloaded from the Apple App store or the Google Play store, for example.

Besides apps you also have mobile websites; A few years ago there were no mobile websites, since the advent of cell phones mobile websites were developed, this is not the same as a “responsive” website. The responsive website displays on all devices.
The mobile website has its own address (for example, with the prefix m. as shown here -> m.example.be). It is no longer recommended to build a mobile website.

A common SEO issue related to website address are broken links. If after clicking on a link you are redirected to an address that does not harbor any content and you land on a “dead page” you will get a (404) error message.

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