Google Ads expansion textual ad formats

Written by Sherlock SEO Agency

Have you noticed that ads on Google and Bing have become more extensive?

In early 2017, the length of Google Ads text ads changed; since then, you can only create “extended” text ads.

And did you know that you can now expand these “expanded” text ads?


Text ads now accommodate 3 headers and 2 description lines! So there is even more room to showcase your company’s unique selling points to the target audience.

We at Sherlock SEO immediately started working with this new development and all of our clients’ ads have been updated and expanded.

Would you like to know how your ads are displayed in Google and/or Bing? You will discover this through the ad preview in your ad account.

Google and Bing did indicate that these additional rules are not always displayed. The expanded ads are displayed as Google Ads and Bing Ads predict it helps improve results. So when Google and Bing deem it relevant, your ad will be shown extensively, with 3 headers and 2 description lines. A very nice development!

Since the length of text ads changes quite often, we are happy to give you the limits once again here.

Sherlock SEO Agency - length limits -google-text-ads

More info on text ads can be found in the Google Ads Helpdesk or ask your question in the comments

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