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Conquer Google easily and quickly with SEOPOLY. “SEO what” I hear you thinking 🙂

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What is SEOPOLY?

SEOPOLY is a board game based on monopoly. The goal of SEOPOLY is to educate website owners and SEO start-ups about the wonderful world of search engines such as Google.

In addition to an introduction to SEO, SEOPOLY is also conceived as a practical guide. That way you can keep coming back to the game and teach yourself a routine that will set you on the path to success in the search engines.

Why I created SEOPOLY

I hear you thinking; why another introduction/manual to SEO? Aren’t there enough of them already?

I was regularly complimented on the fact that I like to bring sufficient context to my introductions to SEO.

It’s like fixing an inner tube. It’s like fixing an inner tube.You can know how to fix an inner tube but if you can’t conjure it out of the outer tire or disassemble the wheel you are still nothing with your skill.

There are many SEO introductory lessons or SEO “truths” that leave a lot of information untouched. So I just want to provide as complete an introduction as possible. This will help you understand what SEO is, what playing field SEO is in, and how you can ultimately apply SEO practically.

Let’s get to it, have fun reading.

Curious about the sequel?

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