Proud Google Partner

Written by Sherlock SEO Agency

We are a proud Google Partner.

With the acquisition of some talents, our certifications on our Google partner page are also expanding.

Google Partner. For us, that means staying on top of the latest news on everything Adwords-related, training and tips to help our clients the best they can.

Sherlock SEO Agency - Google partner

But also for you, our customers, this certification is an added value: it gives you the assurance that we are not just doing anything. After all, certificates are not given away lightly – you have to get 80% to pass, for example – and they expire quite frequently, making regular refresher training necessary.

That regular refresher training is not only important for maintaining our certification, it is necessary. After all, Adwords is updated regularly so sometimes we wake up to a dozen new Adword fucnties.

We are all very proud that our two new employees are bringing additional certifications to Sherlock SEO Agency and more are on the way!

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