The best ad hacks

Written by Sherlock SEO Agency

Are you also obsessed with optimizing your ad campaigns? We all do. How Larry Kim lists the 10 best ad hacks here, we think is truly genius.

In summary, it boils down to roughly the following:

Quality score of ads is most important

A well-built Adwords campaign will save you a lot of costs later. But above all, the advantage over your competitor saves you a lot of money. This has everything to do with how Adwords works, it is a bidding system where your quality score determines what you pay for a specific ad position. People who understand this (or get it explained to a potential client) simply make the best campaigns.

The best way to explain this to a customer is to show them the costing.

PS: There is also such a thing as quality score in Display and on social media (Twitter and Facebook).

Improve the click-through rates of your online ads

Adwords works just like real estate: it’s all about location, location, location. An ad in the best location increases the click-through rate by 6%.

Optimized CTRs improve your quality score and get you cheaper clicks. In turn, by segmenting properly, you can greatly increase your conversions.

Use the latest advertising technologies

A wide variety of novelties are added every year. Some may disappear after a while, but if you always use the latest features, you will always be one step ahead of your competitor.

Are you using the latest ad features? Is your Adwords campaign already optimized for maximum return?

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