What impact will IOS 14 have on your Facebook ads?

Written by Sherlock SEO Agency

Upgrading to the new operating system IOS14 has big implications for your ads.

  • Google talks about upgrading to the latest version of Google Analytics for Firebase. Read more here.
  • Facebook talks about pixel conversion events being measured via aggregate event measurement from now on. More info here.

According to Apple which rolled out the new IOS for all its mobile devices, App developers must use the AppTrackingTransparency framework if their app collects and shares end-user data with other companies for app and website tracking. The AppTrackingTransparency framework presents an authorization request for app tracking to the user and displays the authorization status for app tracking.

Now what are the consequences and how best to deal with them? We like to explain it to you briefly in this blog. We already implemented all the changes ourselves for our clients, would you also like help configuring conversion measurement for your website or app? Contact Sherlock.

  • Each domain must be verified from now on. Which means putting code directly on the homepage of the website or uploading a file or making DNS adjustments. Often something that is not possible if there is no access to the site. Once verified, the existing events/conversions should be reviewed and ordered by importance. The number of events/conversions that can be measured is now limited to 8. Next, the verified domain must be shared with the FB Business Manager (BM).
  • To verify the domain, it must be associated with BM te verifiëren. So if there is an external person who takes care of this for you it is best to see that they are directly linked in your BM so that this can be performed in your BM. Either you can link the domain to your partner’s BM and share it through company assets.
  • Domain(s) must be added to the clients’ BM, verified by the client (or if partner has access to the site) and then the verified domain must be shared with the partner’s BM so that it is under “brand security” in the partner BM.D Ultimately, the partner must have access to the domain. This is quite complex, get help from our specialists.
  • In the event manager, it is advisable to enable the Advanced deals, preferably with all options. based on data entered on the website (sent encrypted to FB), things like demographics, region and placement can still be reported (and campaigns optimized). If you don’t turn this on, a lot of information falls away. In addition, this also helps with look-a-like lists etc.
  • Enable Conversions API. This function ensures that tracking takes place via the server instead of via the browser (thus bypassing the no on cookies notification). Info on how to set this up I will receive via email.

So, a short and perhaps quite a complex summary. Don’t feel like it or have time or don’t know how to get started on this at all? Don’t hesitate and contact Sherlock SEO Agency, we will be happy to help you set up your conversion measurement correctly.

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