Your online presence checklist

Written by Sherlock SEO Agency

Do you have a website online? Maybe your company even has a Facebook page? Congratulations! That’s already a good start to being found on the ever-expanding worldwide web. Every day thousands of websites come online and the battle for visitors gets fiercer and fiercer. To reach your ideal consumers, it is crucial that you can connect with them in as many ways as possible. Below, we give you a checklist to see if you are really doing a good job of performing better online:

1. Is your website responsive?

Granted, it’s old news that Google is placing more and more importance on mobile versions of websites (check out our article on mobile first indexing). But anno 2019 yet you can still find websites that are not optimized at all for display on mobile devices.

Like to include a Google statistic?

61% of users have a more positive view of a company when their mobile website provides a pleasant user experience.

74% of mobile visitors would return to a website if it is mobile-friendly.

So your business will only benefit if your website is adapted for all platforms. The shift to mobile will only increase so don’t stay put.

2. Does your information appear correctly in various business directories?

The first question should really be: Are your details listed in various business directories? Examples of business directories are Yellow Pages, Infobel, Yalwa, Bsearch, Unizo, Yelp, Bizlist, Kompass,… All those listings are part of local SEO. Especially when it includes your link, these entries (or citations) give power to your website to rank higher in search engines. By the way, Google has its own powerful business directory called Google my Business.

At least as important as being listed everywhere is making sure all that data matches and is up to date. If there are different opening hours on Yelp than on Google my Business, that is contradictory information. Consumers get moderately frustrated as a result, and this creates a negative image about your company. Are bad reviews coming in? Then you urgently need to gather positive reviews by doing online reputation management.

3. Do you publish new content regularly?

Make sure you have something to say to the outside world on a regular basis. Not only your customers but also Google will appreciate it. In the algorithm to determine your position in search results is something like a “freshness score.”

You don’t have to crawl into your pen daily and start publishing to publish. It is all the more advisable to work out in advance a content calendar where you list what you are going to write about, who you are going to write it for, where you are going to publish it and why you are writing it.

Not sure where to start, no time for this or you hate writing?
Sherlock is happy to think and write with you. Contact us for content marketing and copywriting services.

4. Are you already doing SEO?

The previous point was about content marketing, which is already a sub-area of search engine optimization but only the tip of the iceberg. Optimization for search engines goes so far as to fill books … and is actually a never ending process.

Every year, even every quarter, there are updates to the algorithm and new trends and guidelines to consider. We distinguish between technical SEO, onpage SEO and offpage SEO. Sherlock offers several types of audits to determine how your Web site is currently performing. Is your website technically sound? Are you scoring on the right keywords? Do you have the right structure in your navigation? From the results of the audit, a strategy can be established and implemented through monthly work.

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