Case study – Construction: Emiel BVBA

Case study:
Construction & renovation

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Emiel LLC

Company: Emiel LLC
Industry: Plumbing, heating, plumbing
Customer at Sherlock SEO since: 2013
Service provided: SEO, SEA, Content

What does the customer want?

Emiel is a plumber from Antwerp and an
existing customer at Sherlock SEO, he regularly gets the
question from customers whether he also carries out bathroom renovations. He asks Sherlock to create
Sherlock to create a page for this on his website.

What does Sherlock offer?

Sherlock analyzes search traffic in Google
very thoroughly, taking into account the search terms,
locations, devices and the path to purchase (customer journey).

Sherlock SEO creates the new page on the website and a few weeks later Emiel notices a huge increase in inquiries, all without online ads, purely based on thorough optimization. Not only were the SEO elements on the page (on-page) and the page content (SEO copywriting) tackled, user-friendliness was also taken into account in function of the stage in the sales process (personas/customer journey).

Sherlock makes the client aware that there is much more growth to be created with these applications. Sherlock recommends developing a new business model specifically for bathroom renovations, including an online advertising campaign.

Sherlock SEO provides the slogan (5* bathroom renovations),
the website structure and writes the content. To optimize the site and ad campaign, Sherlock SEO relies on the data obtained from Google Adwords and Analytics. This brings an even greater flow of inquiries and Emiel is soon doing golden business.

After some time, Emiel decides to stop the online ads, as the site is already bringing in enough inquiries through the organic results on (SEO) without having to pay for them.


The results:

#1 in the search engine
1st year: €300,000 turnover via
2nd year: €600,000 turnover through

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