Case Study – Construction: Emiel LLC – Digital Marketing

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Emiel LLC

  • Industry: HVAC
  • Customer at Sherlock SEO since: 2013
  • Service provided: SEO, PPC, Content, Analytics
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Customer expectations?

Emiel wanted more sales for bathroom remodelling services and asked us to create a landing page to drive leads.


Sherlock analysed how internet users used the internet to search for bathroom remodelling.

We researched the customer journey, their  search terms, which devices they used and so on.

Sherlock created a new SEO optimised landingpage for the bathroom remodelling service.


A few weeks later we receive an phone call from Emiel. He attracted a huge influx of leads and asked us to stop advertising.

We did never set up an advertisement and told him he should better start advertising and take advantage of this momentum.

We then recommended developing a new business specifically for bathroom renovations, including an online advertising campaign.

The client went ahead with developing this new service offering in a separate company and we helped him scale. We can’t share the numbers here but we can tell you it was impressive.

We did push the leads with advertising first and then scaled the new website organically with new, regular updated content.


Sherlock SEO Agency - emielbvba-website


  • #1 in the search engine for “Bathroom remodelling Antwerp”
  • New Business line
  • Organic lead generation