Ecommerce SEO Case Study – Style at home


Style at Home is the Belgian’s market leader in home staging and temporary furniture rental. They train home stagers and sell cardboard staging furniture online.


The client built on a simple and effective site builder platform. The website design was outdated and a number of features where not offered by the current vendor.


  • New webdesign
  • New CMS platform (Prestashop)
  • Translation: English and French
  • Product
  • Added Client Testimonials
  • Local Business Schema
  • Migration perfectly executed
Sherlock SEO Agency - Style at home website
Sherlock SEO Agency - Ecommerce-seo-case-studie-kartonnen-meubelen-1024x758
Sherlock SEO Agency - seo-ecommerce-case-study-kartonnenmeubelen-1024x776

The results:

Following the launch of the new website, we witnessed remarkable improvements in performance. The freshly introduced pages were promptly indexed, and the website’s mobile-friendly and fast design contributed to a notable increase in visitor traffic. What’s even more astounding is the fact that, despite being a side project for the client, the webshop’s sales surged by an impressive +200%. It’s important to note that apart from the website’s launch, no active SEO work has been carried out on this platform.