SEO Case study – Consultancy: Board Of Innovation

SEO Case study

Consultancy Agency Board Of Innovation

Board Of Innovation 

Company: Board of Innovation
Industry: Consultancy
Customer with Sherlock SEO since: 2019
Services provided: SEO, SEA, Content

What does the customer want?

Board Of Innovation is an Innovation Consultancy Agency based in Antwerp. Board Of Innovation had an SEO audit done by Sherlock SEO Agency to see if there were any problems with duplicate content and content cannabalization. Board Of Innovation produces a lot of high-quality content and the website has high visitor numbers and ranks 1 on many terms with high competition. The risk is real that there are several pages that compete with each other in the search engine. In addition to this cannabalization audit, we also looked at SEO opportunities.

What does Sherlock offer?

Sherlock analyzed how the website was indexed in the Google search engine. Which pages were scoring for which search terms and was there any potential for cannabalization? The results were clear: there were no major cannabalization issues even though for some terms different pages ranked in the Google index.

However, there still appeared to be a number of optimization opportunities for the Board Of Innovation website:

  • Database optimization
  • Speed optimization
  • Image optimization
  • Internal link optimization

The results:


  • +100% visibility

The keywords that were important to Board Of Innovation were monitored in SEMRUSH. Immediately after the adjustments, we saw SEO visibility double for these keywords.

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