The Ideal Online Marketing Roadmap

New leads every day through Google

Do you recognize yourself in this?

Are you a start-up and want to start with online marketing? Then you need to slow down and pay attention. We would like to help you by explaining to you: how to create an online strategy, how to create an online marketing plan and how to create an SEO plan. Because online advertising starts from a good plan. Even if you already have a well-run business with satisfied customers and you are known in your community or region. Sometimes you hit a glass ceiling. You have tried several things… (yes, even a new website, SEO or Facebook).  But you keep going around in circles? That’s normal. So what’s the solution?  The solution is to build a system that delivers you new leads on a daily basis. We’d love to explain how we’ve already helped multiple business owners deliver new leads daily through Google. Hopefully we can inspire you. Do you need help? Don’t hesitate to contact us!

Authentic communication

Everything always starts with listening. Turning your gaze within and asking yourself who you are, what you do and why. All the clients who work with us tell us that the questions we ask them make them think thoroughly and bring them back to their essence. Why do we ask so many questions? If you want us to do online promotion, it is important that the message is crystal clear and focused on bringing in the right customers. We do this with a simple questionnaire, a few sessions or, if desired, a whole new positioning and branding to work out just like any other creative agency normally does. We are happy to visit you and listen to what you have to say. We work best with decision-makers in companies who dare to name their challenges out loud. And like Sherlock, communicate openly. This is the only way we can work ‘together’.

Look before you leap

Business model canvas

Do you want to start with a comprehensive analysis, positioning and branding of your company? You can do so by displaying all your company information in the Business Model Canvas. Organize your business information in the canvas and take a bird’s eye view of it. You get a clear view on the following components:
  • Cost structure
  • Strategic partners
  • Core business
  • People and resources
  • Revenue stream
  • Customer relationships
  • Value proposition
  • Customer segments
Want to get started with the Business Model Canvas yourself? Google it for a moment and print this out in a large format. Schedule a session and make something great out of it! Of course, Sherlock can help you with an online strategy consultation.

Let's waste some time with testing

Online Strategy + Online Marketing Plan

Once you know who you are and what you want to achieve you start looking at the ‘how’. This is your strategy. There are several models for setting up a strategy. AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action) has been around for a while and has now been hijacked by Google under the term of See Think Do. You can also set up a plan from PESO (Paid, Earned, Shared, Owned) or design Thinking. Definitely don’t forget to create at least one persona and describe the ideal ‘customer journey’. From an SEO point of view, we always map the above with your keywords and landing pages and get a good idea of what your website should look like in terms of structure. In the end you have a message for each phase and channel. Everything is summarized in a plan with measurable and achievable goals. Would you like an SEO strategy? Contact us!

ZMOT - Zero Moment of Truth

Before the digital age made its appearance, the Don Drapers of this world talked about the “first moment of truth. This is about the first impression you have of a product on a store shelf. This used to be the first moment where consumers interacted with your brand. Today, an extra dimension has been added when we purchase a product. In the digital age, people will search for your product in search engines like Google or they will discover you by chance while wandering around the internet. It is important that you are aware of this. Sherlock SEO Agency gets its name from the importance we place on being found when people search for your product/service. We like to position businesses that deserve it at the top of Google so they can continue to grow organically.

Build a Google friendly website

Make sure Google likes your website

Google is very clear in what you need to do to make a ‘Google friendly website’. If you want to rank high in Google then pay close attention, following things you should definitely implement:
  • Give visitors the information they are looking for
  • Make sure other websites link to your website
  • Make your site easily accessible
  • Use alternative descriptions for images
  • Use one page and url for each page (use canonical for print pages)
And you should stay far away from the following:
  • Don’t put lists of keywords on your page
  • Don’t mislead search engines or users
  • Don’t create pages just for search engines
  • SEO companies that guarantee you certain positions
Rank high with SEO? Ask for advice from our SEO specialists.

Keep your finger on the pulse

Build an online marketing dashboard

Just like your car has a dashboard, you need an online marketing dashboard. After all, your online presence is a means by which you want to achieve a higher goal. Some examples: SEO dashboard, e-commerce dashboard, Social media dashboard. Your online marketing dashboard shows you the way, so you can adjust if you deviate. All your decisions to make adjustments are supported by the data you collect.

Word of mouth advertising

The best and cheapest advertising

If you like your work and do it well you will naturally receive new customers through your existing customers. But did you know that you can also use this word of mouth advertising online? Ask each customer for a recommendation. Of course you like to share a good recommendation. But did you know that there is a lot of value in negative feedback? Use bad experiences to learn from. You can copy your review links to Facebook and Google My Business and give them to all your customers and ask them to leave a review. But did you know you can also ask for reviews fully automatically? Want to know more? Check out Online Reputation Management

Advertise online

Targeted and only relevant visitors

Online advertising gives you instant mass reach. Something that used to be reserved for larger companies is now accessible to the entire world. Use online advertising to test your hypotheses before you permanently embed it in your marketing. Are you a startup and want a big reach? You don’t have to wait until you are well-known or until your website ranks higher in Google. Invest in targeted ads in Google search and you suddenly get people to your website who are looking for you. Thanks to online ads, you increase your reach during the startup. In the ideal world, over time (depending on your type of business) you’ll pull in enough traffic and inquiries that you’ll never have to advertise again. A dream come true?

Plumber - SEO

Case study #1

Emiel is a plumber from Antwerp. His website and online marketing is managed by Sherlock. Working with Sherlock, Emiel is building a completely new business from the ground up. The results?
  • 600,000€ extra annual turnover
  • All inquiries from SEO

Roofing contractor - Website & SEO/SEA

Case study #2

Eric is a roofer from Aartselaar. With his company Roofcover he works daily with about ten teams throughout the country on roofs, facades and attics. This for both individuals and companies. The website was not converting ideally and Sherlock built a new one. the results?
  • +243% more telephone requests
  • +200% more request forms
  • +300% more email requests

Furniture- Ecommerce SEO

Case study #3

Manou is the #1 home stager from Belgium, she founded Style At Home as the first homestaging business. She decorates show houses with furniture that is rented for a longer period. She ‘pimps’ your home just like the home decorator, Manou is market leader in Belgium and in addition to decorating and renting she also has a webshop where she sells cardboard furniture. Sherlock built a new website for and we took care of the SEO. The result?
  • +228% increase in website traffic

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