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Medium-sized companies have a unique position in the business world. These companies are large enough to easily sustain their operations. You may have hired a few employees, are making a decent profit each year, and have a solid base of customers – both new and returning.
Your business may be at a plateau where things are stable but not accelerating. This leads you to a crossroads and Sherlock SEO can help you take the next steps to expand. Our team of digital marketing experts will help you do just that. From brand positioning to optimizing digital communication channels and expressions. We’d love to help you generate a breakthrough.

Where do you stand now?

You have a good understanding of your company’s capabilities, you know what makes you different, and you may even be a step ahead of the competition. We’ll look at how to take advantage of your rich experience and history.


Expand your market

If you have a great selection of products but are having trouble marketing them outside your immediate area, we can help you expand your customer base. This can be done regionally with comprehensive local service, landing pages or targeted advertising campaigns through Google or Facebook Ads. Want to go even further? Let our team help you set up your store on the Google Shopping Network, comprehensive product content, SEO and other offerings to help you go from being the best in town to the best in the country.

Build a community

Word of mouth is great for small, local businesses, but how do you increase your appeal? Some of the traditional tactics also apply online. Word of mouth in the digital age requires a strong online presence, and we can help you build your following on social media. From Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn settings to Instagram and Pinterest posts or Snapchat geofilter creation; our social media marketing team can increase your brand awareness.


Outsource SME marketing?
Sherlock helps you with your SEO issues

At Sherlock, we love nothing more than helping SMEs achieve their growth ambitions through the smart use of online marketing.

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