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We help companies reach the most relevant audience and get performance from their marketing budget.

We a vast array of online advertising campaigns. We offer cross-channel full-funnel media planning, media buying and adverisement creation services.

All services are tailored to best fit your business strategy.

Before we start advising we need to get to know you better so we can create clarity in your messaging. Are you ready to convert more traffic from your digital ads? Get in touch with our specialists.

Display Advertising

Your display ads (also called banners) are displayed through the network of websites that join the “Google Display network.” For example, you appear in YouTube and in apps. These banners can be seen on any device, from desktop to mobile and from smart TV to game console. So your ad appears wherever your ideal target audience is, even on websites like De Tijd and HLN.

In the Google Display network alone there are more than two million websites, more than 650,000 apps and it is possible to advertise on the website and apps of YouTube. In addition to this gigantic Google network, we can also place targeted ads on other Display networks of which Linkedin Ads and Facebook Ads are the two best known. Some quatongen dare to claim that Display ads do not yield anything and you should only advertise in the search engine but nothing is less true. Sherlock has created many campaigns that generated equally good or even better results in the Display network. Do you know which networks and types of advertising are best suited to your goals?

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Facebook Ads

Are you reaching your current and future customers and fans through Facebook? Did you know that more than two billion people worldwide use Facebook every day? Who do you want to reach? Thanks to Facebook’s powerful targeting methods, you can find your ideal customer on Facebook!

But how successful are your Facebook advertising campaigns? And how smart are they? Do you have a Facebook advertising account? Do you use remarketing on Facebook? Do you use Facebook in combination with Google and have you set up a funnel?

Facebook ads appear in different places and on different devices. Show your ads in the news feed or in the right-hand column, on InstagramMessenger and on the Facebook Audience network. Sherlock rolled into Facebook as a direct response specialist from Google and works on different types of Facebook campaigns every day. You can truly call us a Facebook ad specialist today!

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Google Ads

Are you already advertising in search? Read Sherlock references and case studies of successful online marketing campaigns and find out what Sherlock can do for organizations like yours. Google is the largest search engine in the world and is used by most of the searchers. But did you know that there are also many other search engines?

Bing for example has a much smaller share but even there there is a group of people that could be very interesting for you. On Bing we often find a slightly older target group that converts very well. When your (target) audience searches for your products, services or company in a search engine, ads in the search engine ensure that you will be found immediately.

Do you still pay for paper circulation or for TV where everyone zaps away at the ads? The unique thing about search engine advertising is that you only pay when someone clicks on your ads and visits your website or calls your company.

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LinkedIn Ads

Is your product, service or business targeted at other companies? Then you can’t go around LinkedIn. LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network. So your ideal customers are guaranteed to be on LinkedIn. LinkedIn has 560 million active professionals worldwide.

Reach your target audience through their function, their employerindustry or one of the many other targeting methods. Do you want more B2B purchases? Do you want to increase your brand awareness or do you want more registrations for an event?

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Retargeting (also called remarketing) is a form of where you show targeted online ads to people based on their previous (online) interactions with your website or ads (depending on the advertising platform used). These ads work through tags, pixels or cookies that are placed when people visit your website, social media channel, video or application.

This allows users to be found all over the internet through search ads, Display ads and video ads. Retargeting is the best way to re-target app users, video viewers, website and social media visitors with targeted messages, promotions or specific products (that the user may or may not have viewed). Which way suits you best?

Sherlock SEO Agency - remarketing-explained

Shopping Ads

Do you sell products online? Then you should definitely use the power of Shopping ads through Google Shopping. Through Google Shopping ads, businesses can instantly showcase their products to potential customers. Users can instantly compare prices and product information without having to visit websites.

As an advertiser, you only pay when someone clicks through to your webshop. At that moment there is already a very strong intention to buyLower the threshold to purchase by showing your products to potential customers through Google Shopping.

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Youtube Advertising

The days when everyone only watched linear TV are long gone. If you want to capture attention then you need to have an online presence on YouTube, online videos and other online video channels where people also watch TV programs and videos. Video ads are shown on desktops, laptops, mobile devices, game consoles and smart TVs.

All platforms with a lot of impact and therefore ideal to show your message to your target audience through video. Are you reaching all your potential customers with video ads? Have you already made videos to spur your ideal customer into action? Do you want to win with video advertising? Then get in touch with Sherlock!

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Drive demand, traffic and grow your business.

Sherlock advertising services helps you achieve your business goals. Profit from compounding factors by combining advertising with content creation and SEO. Talk with our specialists and get insightful and practical advice and improve your digital marketing return.

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