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What is a display advertising agency?

Most websites feature some sort of image ads or banner ads, also known as display ads. It’s a source of income for the publisher and a great way for advertisers to show their brand to relevant audiences online.

Website place ads on their websites by joining an ad network.

In a display advertising agency you find media buyers and display advertising consultants who help advertisers get the most out of online display networks. Sherlock can also help you monetise your own websites as a publisher.

Before starting a campaign a top display advertising will ask you thorough questions to clearly craft a plan that’s able to test different customer personas, messaging and landing pages.

We create display campaigns for both small, medium and corporate business. Talk to a display advertising consultant!

Display banners lead-generation campaign for a local Hvac company

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Where are Display ads shown?

Display ads are shown on websites, in apps, in videos and, through Google, in YouTube. They are shown on every device, from desktop to mobile and from smart TV to game console. We show your advertising to your target audience on every medium you like.

Within the Google Display network (the best known display network) alone there are over two million websites, over 650,000 apps and it is possible to advertise on the website and apps of YouTube. In addition to this large network, we can also place ads on other Display networks. We use premium networks and real-time bidding to reach your target audience.

These networks partially use other websites so the ad can also appear in national, regional or local newspapers directly by your targeted audience. Display ads are shown to internet users in different ways. Interest, topics, keywords and previously visited websites are possibilities to reach your prospects through Display.

Why advertise on Display?

Before people make a purchase they use the Internet to search for information online. They use Google (where you can place SEA ads). They read blogs, forums and product reviews (ideal for Google Shopping Ads). It is smart to show ads to your ideal customer during this orientation phase that precedes the decision process.

Through Display ads it is possible to introduce people to your product, service or company. This can create or stimulate a need. By being top of mind you increase the chance that people choose your company, product or service. There are different ways to reach your target groups. Specific websites can be chosen to advertise on directly. But the target group can also be reached by making a match based on surfing behavior, buying intention and content of websites they visit.

Prices Display ads

Pricing always depends on different parameters. And asking for pricing is what you should do. Also ask for approaches and time spent on building a foundation.

Did you ever tried to calculate the cost of not doing Display Advertising? 😉

We continuously run professional digital marketing campaigns on Google Display. Is yours next? We help you with ideation, creation, planning, project- and account management, campaign management and optimization.

We can build a whole campaign or start slow with one smaller project. Reach out to Sherlock and discuss your project.

Ask for your personalised offer, we’ll build your roadmap while driving. Testing to build successful campaigns, one after the other.

If you already have data we can give a rough estimate of returns on a campaign;

You can outsource your display marketing campaigns to us or we can set up campaigns and coach you to do the management

Do you already have campaigns but are not sure if everything is set up properly or if you are missing opportunities? We are happy to analyze the campaigns through our PPC audit.

Sherlock SEO Agency - Google-Display-Network

Display Ads case studies

Not all case studies are pure display ads. Contact us to see the latest campaigns.

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Case Studies

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