What are display ads?

On almost every website you will find image ads or banners, also known as display ads. These banners are placed on websites, apps, in videos, forums, online shops and informative websites such as blogs. Websites that allow these image ads to join an ad network. Through these networks, agencies such as Sherlock purchase ad space. Static and animated banners are the best-known form of display ads. Text ads or a combination of text and images are also regularly used in the Google Ads Display network. Some platforms also allow for a video (with or without text) to be deployed.

Where are Display ads shown?

The websites that allow ads from Google are in the “Google display network.” Display ads are shown on websites, in apps, in videos and, through Google, in YouTube. They are shown on every device, from desktop to mobile and from smart TV to game console. The beauty of this is that your ads can be shown wherever your target audience is. In the Google Display network (the best known display network) alone there are over two million websites, over 650,000 apps and it is possible to advertise on the website and apps of YouTube. In addition to this large network, we can also place ads on other Display networks. We use premium networks and real-time bidding to reach your target audience. These networks partially use other websites so the ad can also appear in national newspapers to a targeted audience. Display ads are shown to internet users in different ways. Interest, topics, keywords and previously visited websites are possibilities to reach your prospects through Display.

Why advertise on Display?

Before people make a purchase they use the Internet to search for information online. They use Google (where you can place SEA ads). They read blogs, forums and product reviews (ideal for Google Shopping Ads). It is smart to show ads to your ideal customer during this orientation phase that precedes the decision process. Through Display ads it is possible to introduce people to your product, service or company. This can create or stimulate a need. By being top of mind you increase the chance that people choose your company, product or service. There are different ways to reach your target groups. Specific websites can be chosen to advertise on directly. But the target group can also be reached by making a match based on surfing behavior, buying intention and content of websites they visit.

Prices Display ads

We often get the question “what will it cost? We cannot answer this question directly. With us you get no standard package prices because every company is different. Based on company information (such as target group, region, products/services) we are happy to make an appropriate proposal with the budget and time we need to build and manage a successful campaign. We are happy to give you the most accurate estimate of what you can expect. It is important to know that you must have enough correct data at your disposal to make well-founded decisions before you can draw statistically relevant conclusions. This means that you either need to advertise with a low to medium budget for some time or that you need to spend a lot of budget in a short time to gather sufficient data. Do you want to start with Display advertising but don’t know where to start or what is the best way to use it for your company? We are here to help! We can set up complete ad campaigns and take the hassle out of it. It is also possible to work together on these campaigns or to follow a training course. Do you already have campaigns but are not sure if everything is set up properly or if you are missing opportunities? We are happy to analyze the campaigns through our SEA audit where you will receive immediate advice.

Digital custom Solutions

Digital custom Solutions