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LinkedIn Advertising for Agencies

Connect directly with decision makers

LinkedIn is the largest professional network worldwide and is the ideal place to leverage B2B marketing. With 560 million active professionals and a wide range of targeting methods and advertising opportunities,

LinkedIn is the ideal place to start advertising. Find B2B leads, brand awareness and registrations for your event registrations on LinkedIn.

Sherlock also supports agencies with LinkedIn Advertising consultancy and campaign management.

Generate B2B leads?

Qualified leads come from a quality audience, LinkedIn offers you the best B2B targeting online. Did you know that 4 out of 5 LinkedIn users help drive decisions within companies? LinkedIn allows you to reach the right people through demographic data. This based on function, company, industry, seniority and so much more.

Visitors of your website can be reached again through retargeting. Contacts can be reached precisely and account-based marketing campaigns can be set up with Matched Audiences and a set of custom targeting options. If you, like many others, are overwhelmed by all the options LinkedIn offers to generate B2B leads, ask Sherlock for advice.

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LinkedIn Sponsored Content

Reach a highly engaged audience with native ads in a professional newsfeed across desktop and mobile. Drive leads, build brand awareness and nurture key relationships at every stage of your sales cycle. Build your ideal audience with LinkedIn profile data and your own audience. Target LinkedIn itself and the LinkedIn Audience Network.

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LinkedIn Sponsored Inmail

Get more registrations in with personalized invitations. Ideal for webinars or events. Drive conversions with targeted product and service promotions. Obtain more downloads, ideal for infographics, white papers, eBooks, and more.

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LinkedIn text ads

The added value of LinkedIn text ads is primarily in the target audience where your ads appear: professionals. Adjust your budget easily and pay only for ads that work (according to clicks or impressions). Follow up the number of leads with conversion tracking. Have you tried LinkedIn text ads yet?

How much do LinkedIn ads cost?

The price of LinkedIn ads depends on a number of parameters. The most important ones are your targeting criteria and competition. Most click prices in Belgium are on average around two euros. If the interaction rate with your ads is below average, you pay more (just like with Facebook Ads).

Do you want to harvest as much success as possible with LinkedIn ads at the lowest possible cost? Make sure you have the best possible targeting and tailor your ad message to your audience. Do you like to see the same ads over and over again? Just like with Facebook Ads, ad fatigue sets in and you should change your ad placements regularly. And just like with all other ads, the motto here is: always test everything!

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LinkedIn Advertising Tips

  • Always write from the reader’s perspective
  • Use relevant images
  • Segment your target audience as best you can down to the niche (job title, industry, company size, seniority)
  • Test variations regularly
  • Choose CPC over CPM
  • Analyze statistics regularly to make changes
  • Combine LinkedIn ads with other online ad campaigns and increase your
  • success online!
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