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What search engine advertising agency to choose?

So you are searching for a Google Ads, Bing Ads or any other type of PPC agency? And you come here thinking what we will tell you 🙂

Would you work with an agency that is one of the first Google Partner Agencies in Belgium? Since 2013 to be precise. Do you rather work with an agency who ran search campaigns in 23 countries and 17 languages? Do you want to work with PPC specialists trained by Google? Do you want make your ads stand out in the crowd? Work with Sherlock PPC Agency 😉

Our clients are either marketing agencies for whom we offer PPC outsourcing and consultancy and small to medium sized business. Most of our SMB’s use search as a performance channel for scaling or international expansion.

Clients who value their time love our expertise, create high performance PPC campaigns with your Sherlock PPC consultant.

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What is search engine advertising (PPC)?

The purpose of the search engine is to help the user answer questions, find products or services and information. To do so, the user types in one or more keywords (“query”/”search term”). The result page shows results that matches the search query.

This returned list is populated with organic and paid placements. To ensure your product or service is shown in an ad to the right user, keywords are linked to your ads. Once a user clicks on the ad they go to the section of the website linked to the ad that best matches the search query.

As an advertiser you only pay when an ad is clicked. Therefore, Google Ads is called pay per click advertising (PPC), maybe you have heard about cost per click as well? That’s the price you pay for the user clicking your ad.

Talk to one of our Google Ads Consultants, they are happy to help you discuss your business goals. Outsource your Online Advertising to Sherlock, your Trusted Google Partner. Since 2008.

Different search engines

The best known search engine is Google. But there are several search engines that can be advertised on such as Bing and Yahoo or Baidu (Russia) and Yandex (China). Then you also have the Google App store and Appstore on Apple (for Apps only).

Ads are positioned on different locations throughout the search engines result page. YouTube currently is the 2largest search engine in the world. Read more about advertising on YouTube.

Another famous search engine is Amazon, people search products on a daily basis and they are in to buy something.

Did you know that an online search is used in 85% of purchases to research a product and/or supplier before making a purchase? And if you know that 98% of the population has access to the Internet and Google has a market share of 93% then the conclusion is clear.

It is important for every company to be found in the search engine. So your ideal customer is on Google. And being present in Google ensures higher brand awareness, more visitors to your website and ultimately it can lead to more leads and higher sales. The team of Sherlock SEO is here to support you. We can fully design, implement and follow up on your online advertising strategy. It is also possible for us to carry out part of the strategy or to analyze your current online campaigns in a SEA audit.

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Prices of search engine advertising

We often get the question “what will it cost? We cannot answer this question directly. With us you don’t get standard package prices. Every company is different and based on company information (such as target group, region, products/services) we make an appropriate proposal. The price reflects the time and budget required to build and manage a successful campaign.

It is important to know that we need to have enough correct data to make informed decisions. The collected data enables us to draw statistically relevant conclusions. This means that you either have to advertise with a low to medium budget for some time or you have to invest a lot in a short time to collect sufficient data (if there is sufficient search volume in the market).

Do you want successful and appropriate campaigns for your business? Then choose Sherlock SEO Agency. Contact for a free consultation or request an SEA audit.

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