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What is advertising on YouTube?

YouTube is a hugely popular platform and is the 2 largest search engine in the world. People use YouTube to watch all kinds of videos, from TV shows and movies to DIY videos and vlogs. With video ads you reach potential customers. You bring your product, service or company to the attention and become top of mind with your ideal target group. Youtube is therefore an ideal channel to promote your product or service.

How does advertising on YouTube work?

There are different types of YouTube ads. For example, you have both videos and banners. For more information on advertising with banners check out our page on Display advertising. The best known are the videos that one can skip but it is also possible to use videos that the user cannot skip.

Video ads are shown prior to the video a user wants to watch, in the middle of the video a user is watching (as an advertising block) or at the end of a video. Video ads can also be shown in YouTube’s search results or as a featured video on the right side of YouTube when the user is watching a video.

There can be a choice of paying per view (cost per view) i.e. when a user has watched the video (or x portion) of the video, when they click to watch the video or on a view basis (cost per impressions). The way in which costs are charged depends on the type of ad chosen.

YouTube also offers premium advertising. This makes it possible, for example, to advertise on the homepage (often at the top), called masthead ads, with video (with/without sound), banner or video combined with banner. The cost of premium advertising is calculated per day or per x number of impressions.

There are several ways to reach your target audience. Advertise your product or your service based on the interests of the user, based on what kind of video they watch (or even a specific video or YouTube page) or what videos they search for.

Sherlock SEO Agency - Youtube-advertentie-mobiel-voorbeeld
Sherlock SEO Agency - Youtube-advertentie-mobiel-voorbeeld

YouTube Advertising Prices

We often get the question “what will it cost? We cannot answer this question directly. With us you get no standard package prices because every company is different. Based on company information (such as target group, region, products/services) we are happy to make a suitable proposal with the budgets and time we need to build and manage a successful campaign.

Important to know is that you must have enough correct data to make informed decisions before you can draw statistically relevant conclusions. This means that you either have to advertise for some time with a low to medium budget or that you have to spend a high budget in a short time to gather sufficient data.

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