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Professional Google Ads audit

Imagine having an Entrepreneur and a Google Ads Professional checking on your paid ads campaign. Well that’s Sherlock, we’re a boutique PPC agency. Hi! ūüôā

Sherlock’s founder learned Google Ads ‘on the job’ and became quite successful with it (hence this agency). Our senior PPC Consultant Franny has been trained by Google and then worked for Google Partners advising and managing campaigns for Agencies in Belgium.

We are very proficient, independent and experienced Google Ads professionals. We work with a large extended international team. We have run campaigns in 17 languages in 27 countries.

Whenever auditing a PPC campaign we check account level details first, one of those high level metrics is campaign structure. Imagine advertising for a local service or a Ecommerce retailer.

The deeper in your campaigns we dig the more value we can directly create. Keyword matching, bidding adjustments, audiences, … you name it we optimize it.

We are active in PPC since 2008 when we started inhouse and Google Ads was still Google Adwords and organic keywords showed in Google Analytics.

Sherlock is Certified Google Partner since 2013. Our focus from the start of our Agency has been on performance and relevance. Google Benchmarks show that on average we score 30% better in terms of performance than our peers.

We dare to say that Sherlock is one of the¬†best Google Ads companies in the world. Don’t believe us, test us.

We love to let Google Ads work together with SEO. If you’re serious about growing your business you’d better call Sherlock.

Read the recommendations of companies and agencies who outsource Google Ads to Sherlock SEO Agency and discover why you should also outsource your Google Ads campaigns to Sherlock.

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Make the most of your Google Ads

Receive specific advice and discover your pain points with a Google Ads audit. You will receive tailored advice that you can put to work immediately. We come across many accounts that are running empty. Due to poor follow-up and little attention to negative keywords, a large part of your budget goes to less relevant terms. Google makes good money from this but you don’t.

How does an audit work?

We look for opportunities that will improve your results. In addition to an analysis of the current campaigns, we also look at which interesting online opportunities fit in with your business goals. The goal of an audit is to maximize your advertising budget.

Structured monitoring, well thought-out advertising messages and specific targeting form the basis of your successful advertising strategy. Are there certain aspects on which you want to focus more? Which parts of your campaign are the most profitable? The audit takes more than 50 parameters into account.

You will receive an extensive advice and a proposal to improve your campaigns. We discuss the results and look together at the possibilities in the context of a broader strategy. Based on concrete tips and areas for improvement, you can get to work yourself or you can outsource your campaigns to our Google Ads specialists.

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