Enterprise SEO software

Enterprise SEO Software

Master international SEO

Searchmetrics applies Big Data & Deep Learning to SEO and Content Marketing. With this global award-winning SEO platform, you’ll greatly reduce the cost of SEO and content marketing.

  • Market analysis: Gain insights faster
  • Content & Strategy: Steer smarter towards valuable content
  • Technical SEO: discover SEO mistakes 24/7 before you lose visibility
  • Project management software
  • Integrations with all major Analytics platforms, Slack and a proprietary API

Searchmetrics consists of 3 components: the Research Database, the SEO Project Management Suite, and the Content Experience Suite.

With the Enterprise level SEO platform from Searchmetrics and the specialists from Sherlock, you have the key to improve the visibility of your organization in the search results at lightning speed.

Why Searchmetrics?

  • Reliable data

    Searchmetrics has the largest keyword database in the world. Because they collect the data themselves and don’t buy anything, their database has the advantage of being the most reliable. Global coverage, fresh rankings up to 5x per week, 10 major search engines, 100 million domains, 600 million keywords, 150 billion backlinks, local data on 350 cities worldwide, rankings and traffic from cell phones and tablets, 7+ years of historical data

  • Holistic SEO platform

    Whereas many other SEO platforms offer a very broad spectrum of different tools, all the tools within the Searchmetrics platform work together. Searchmetrics is the ideal example of the saying “the whole is more than the sum of its parts”. The system is built so that you can implement acquired insights directly into your strategy. No use of Excel, no linking data to external software, ….

  • Conquer international markets

    A handy overview of your market share in 1 handy dashboard for your C-level reporting and different reports to your content teams per country/language. What more could you want? You save a lot of time by working at scale and implementing SEO workflows directly. Your productivity will increase dramatically.

Market and competition analysis
  • Discover competitor strategies

    Searchmetrics Market Share identifies all your competitors, large and small, that share your keywords.

  • Full market analysis

    Compare your market share against your top competitors and define goals to compete.

  • Make adjustments directly

    Get immediate insight into where your business is benefiting from SEO efforts.

Forecasting and planning

  • Valorize SEO

    Simulate the financial and traffic impact of SEO and content adjustments before you start making changes.

  • Business case modelling

    Validate SEO investments with sound projections.

  • Identify where the money is

    In order to focus on themes and keywords that provide the most growth.

Content marketing and production at scale?

Search engine optimization was once as simple as adding the right keywords to the right content to reach people and make a profit. Creating new, engaging content that matches user intent is the new paradigm. With Searchmetrics Content Experience, the alchemy of online marketing just got easier. Content Experience is your go-to resource for flexible content development, guiding you through the discovery, optimization and measurement of engaging storytelling.

Agile ontwikkeling van inhoud

  • Create content

    How do you create great revenue-generating online content?

  • Content iteration

    Iterate, iterate, iterate, iterate. With Searchmetrics, agile content development supports the creative process for the first time with deep learning and the latest advances in data science.

  • Optimized content

    Create vibrant content that is also optimized to meet user intent and top search page rankings. Drive predictable revenue gains by leveraging the new future of web content development.

Explore content ideas

  • Find content

    Imagine trying to find a manuscript in the library of Alexandria without a guide. In the world of the worldwide web that is millions of times larger, researching and then formulating a strategy is at best time-consuming, at worst a money-making enterprise.

  • Explore topics

    The Searchmetrics Content Experience Topic Explorer lets you get started exploring semantically related topics in no time.

  • Understand the user’s intent.

    Build your content based on transaction phase or season. And create a graphical representation of the topics and how they are related.

Content Briefings

  • Bridge the gap

    In the content creation process, there can be a gap between what the editor wants and what the writer creates. The briefings in the Content Experience software help bridge the gap between the content manager/strategist (editor) and the content writer (author) by serving as a means of information documentation and knowledge transfer between these two key stakeholders.

  • Briefing details

    To assist the author who ultimately writes the text, the conclusions of the research are summarized in the briefing, with information on text specifications to guide the next step of text creation/optimization.

  • Briefing Follow-up

    The briefing will give you an overview of the following, among other things. The goals specified for the content, such as the desired content score and word count. Details to the responsible stakeholders (who is the brief assigned to?) Status (is the text still in progress or finished? Have the objectives been met?)

Create and publish content with predictable cycles

  • Competitor analysis

    With automatic competitor identification, you can learn where there are gaps in your content and easily create new content or revise existing content.

  • Deep learning

    Content Editor puts deep learning at your fingertips. Just start typing and you’ll see instant updates of your content scores, ratings on overall readability and how close you are to your desired text length.

  • Market insight and analysis

    Need inspiration? Browse through all available competitive texts and videos to find out how to stand out in the crowd.

  • Question finder

    A specific part of the Content Experience Software helps you find questions. The “question finder” tells you what potential customers are asking about a topic.

What is efficiency without effective results?

  • Identify keyword success

    Identify weekly which keywords are driving the most traffic and which are likely underperforming.

  • Track traffic and rankings

    In many cases, you are only as good as the traffic you generate. Stay abreast of changes that may affect your business.

  • track visibility and market share

    See where you stand in relation to your competitors and how you have performed over time.

  • Keyword Rankings

    Guide your strategy through a single briefing or a full project overview.

Searchmetrics prijzen

As the only Searchmetrics Partner in Belgium, Sherlock offers you the opportunity to sublicense. This means that you can benefit from the power of the Searchmetrics platform at an entry-level price. Wondering what Searchmetrics can do for your organization? In a personal meeting we would like to see how Sherlock and Searchmetrics can help your business grow. Are you a freelancer or marketing agency and looking for a suitable Enterprise level SEO software for your (international) SME or Enterprise? Ask about the possibilities of cooperation and receive a free demo!