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So, what is link-building then?

And what’s all the fuss about linkbuilding?

Link building is the process that leads to receiving hyperlinks from one website to an other.

A hyperlink (“link”) is a way for users to navigate the Internet, from one page to another.

Two things to remember before we move on:

  1. Less pages where available in the beginning of the internet.
  2. Google has been invented in university.

Google’s founders filed a patent about finding relevant textual content in documents. The documents they queried where mostly thesis’s, research papers, patents, etc. In those documents other documents must be referenced to develop your argument.

These references are the links we are talking about today. That was 1997-1999, what year are we today Let’s say linkbuilding came a long way since then 😉

Linkbuilding is dead, hello digital PR.

There is a wide variety of link building techniques. Most people buy and sell links via paid placements on sites that are often built for selling links or other forms of monetization.

Although the content quality of most of these sites that sell links have improved.

There is no sense in doing linkbuilding just for linkbuilding.

You might have heard about DA (domain authority by Moz), AS (Authority Score by Semrush), TF (Trust & Flow metrics by Majestic).

They’re all terms made up by software companies trying to emulate Google’s inner workings. They did a great job. But beware, those numbers are easily manipulated.

Not a single human being on this planet besides SEO professionals care about those metrics.

We are no proponents of buying and selling links the old way.

We know if your brand is sought after you have reached the epitome of SEO. How people search your brand influences the search engine and it works pretty instantly. Influencing the search-algorithm in ways you cannot reach with [linkbuilding] (in a strict sense).

Are you still with me?

Tell me, did you came here to buy links? Or do you want to grow your business? Talk to us about what keeps you up at night, we are happy to support you.

We’ll help you create a website with high quality content that is helpful and convert. No BS, just well thought content that we use in a creative content marketing strategy.

The importance of links for the search engine

Search engines use links to search the web; they follow the links between individual pages on your website and they follow the links between websites. By following these links, search engines understand the web and how different pages relate to each other. Have you ever heard of PageRank (PR)? This is the score that Google used to give your page a certain weighting. That rating is basically based on links. To give you an idea, the following quote is from the original patent that Google started with:

The rank assigned to a document is calculated from the ranks of documents citing it (the document).

Feel free to read the original patent Officially Google doesn’t use the PageRank score anymore, yet you will understand that behind the scenes Google still needs to use a ranking to get your site ranked. Only this ranking is more complex than ever and on top of that, it is dynamic. Also, many more factors are taken into account in the weighting than just links.

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Can link building cause damage to my website?

Yes. Google has fairly clear guidelines regarding link building: you may earn links, but you may not buy them. From the time SEOs knew that links affected the algorithm, search engines were manipulated by link schemes. If Google notices fraudulent link building it will remove your website from its search results. Sherlock has professional link building expertise so you can outsource your link building with peace of mind. And above all, often link building is not necessary, we look at your SEO strategy in an SEO audit and recommend the best possible approach. Meet our personal approach!

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