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Optimal content relevance with on-page signals

What is Onpage SEO and why use it? It’s all about optimizing your on-page elements. On-page elements are strong relevancy signals and thus help search engines better understand your content and the goal of your page

You have probably heard about page attributes such as page titles, image alternative descriptions, and meta descriptions.

The importance of relevant content sounds very logical when explained with an example. Think of your content as a book, each book has several chapters. Each chapter has titles and subtitles, paragraphs, etc. All those elements are there to increase readability.

And online readability can also be described as usability. Google strives for optimal usability for its own results and if your website does not meet their high standards then you should not count on high positions in the search engine.

On-page elements

We’d like to give you an overview of some important onpage SEO elements along with their importance and application.

  • Keyword in the title, description
  • headers and keyword in H1, H2, H3
  • keywords (frequency, synonyms, length of text)
  • loading speed of the page
  • entities/topics/schedule
  • canonicals
  • content types (text/image/video/podcast/…)
  • content updates
  • spelling and grammar
  • internal links (number and anchor texts)
  • user-friendly layout
  • url (length, readability and search term in the url)


In order to provide good answers, Google needs to have a good understanding of the content of your pages. So keywords are essential for the Google search algorithm to determine whether or not a page matches a search query. Search engines have a deep understanding of search queries and search intentions, and they try to assess the context as best as possible to bring out the ideal result. See the example below for the term “let” this can have different meanings depending on how it is used.

Sherlock SEO Agency - zoektermanalyse-begrip

In addition to search terms, you have categories, entities and topics that Google takes into account. You can format your content yourself with schema markup language to ensure that the search engines understand your content better. Is this all going a bit far? Then don’t hesitate to ask for our help!

Schema markup

The days when Google only used search terms are long gone. Schema markup is a method that is now well established but often still underused. By formatting your content with additional code you can make a search engine understand your content better. Schema markup was originally developed for databases, today it has penetrated into the daily arsenal of all SEOs

Useful SEO optimizations

If you want to start improving your SEO yourself then onpage SEO is the ideal starting point. We would like to give you some tips and resources.

SEO threats

SEO is not without its dangers. After all, Google has to deal with spammers. Ranking high in Google is a lucrative business and as a result, there are a lot of companies that offer services that manipulate Google. If you are guaranteed to be on the first page it is a sign that a company is using unacceptable tactics. We offer no guarantees and always optimize for business results. µ

Link exchanges, doorway pages, shadow domains and crafty referrals are tactics often used by spammers. They offer SEO at cheap prices and work with automated software. If Google notices this, it will remove your website from its index. The safest and fairest way to do SEO is to satisfy the search intent of your ideal customer!

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