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Do you really need an SEO auditing agency and what are you expecting from an SEO Audit?

  • Are you looking for a website auditing tool to do your own online SEO Audits?
  • Do you want to learn seo auditing and set up an automated seo audit?
  • You are looking for professional SEO consulting and management to improve traffic and conversions
  • You want a professional seo audit, pinpoint the technical seo-issues on your site
  • You need a website or WordPress audit
  • You want a a data-driven digital marketing strategy

SEO goes way beyond what SEO Audit tools like Ahrefs and Semrush offer, although these tools offer lot’s of data and great insights.

Most SEO audits check for crawling/indexing/ranking issues and opportunities. These are the three main sections within Google Search Console. But prioritising the vast amount of opportunities these tools put out is the real art of SEO-auditing.

Whether you are looking for a technical SEO Audit, on-page seo audit or linkbuilding audit Sherlock is here to help you uncover your next step in reaching more traffic.

At Sherlock SEO Agency we are very proud of our holistic SEO-auditing process. Ask us about our data driven performance marketing strategy.

What is SEO-Auditing?

SEO auditing is analyzing errors that hinder search engines from crawling, indexing or ranking your website on either technical, on-page or off-page SEO factors

Determining, prioritising and communicating the most crucial SEO-factors in order to change the desired outcome. Our SEO Inspectors do this in the following way:

Do you make it easy for users and search engines to navigate your website?

A (search engine) bot; eg. Googlebot visiting your website is what we call crawling. Make sure all your important pages are ‘search engine friendly’ aka ‘crawlable’,.

Most small and medium sized business have some issues regarding crawling;

  • Make sure your most important pages are crawled regularly (often daily)
  • Don’t overcomplicate crawling with technical-SEO debt

Indexing issues? We offer first checkup, no strings attached. Let’s take a look at your data!

Google dislikes and does not show millions of websites, is your website one of those?

Google is like a librarian, keeping track of what happens on the internet, and saving this in its database. This Google-database of the internet is what we call ‘the index’.

Search engines put a lot of effort in building a quality index with quality results. Make sure to build high quality website content that is up-to-date, shows your expertise, authority and trust and your indexation will improve drastically. Trust us, we have done it hundreds of times for business of all sizes and niches and in multiple locations.

There can be only one website ranking #1 on top of Google. Is your page considered ‘the best’?

For every search query a list with the most relevant results gets displayed in the SERP (Search Engine Results Page). Search engines keep track of the keyword, page, position and the amount of clicks your webpage received.

Rank higher for more keywords and get more prospective buyers visit your website. Envision what SEO brings to your business once you are able to rank, attract and convert those anonymous, but very interested, visitors into buyers and build long lasting client relations.

Talk to us about how we helped many business owners build a business through Search Engine Marketing.

What SEO-Auditing agency to choose?

Depending on your business you need to find an agency that fits your need:

  • do you have a small (<100 pages) or large (>1MIO) website?
  • business type: local business, Ecommerce, publisher, SaaS, or any other vertical?
  • what SEO do you need? technical, on page, off page, news, images, …
  • do you also need campaigns on other channels?
  • do you need performance, creative or both?
  • what’s your budget? is that for one project or recurring?
  • do you have the resources to deliver on the output of your audit?
  • business-oriented or SEO-oriented?
  • pure SEO-oriented or also offering full-service and acting as a SPOC?
  • do you want a SPOC or work with lot of different partners?

We care about your business outcome first and we make sure all our work aligns with your goals. We can audit a very specific part of SEO or build a data driven digital marketing strategy.

If you want to rank high in Google you need to optimize SEO. If you want your business results to improve you need to optimize for business outcomes.

The Google algortime is different for each search and every niche, thus each audit is also fully personalized and the outcome will depend on your business and goals.

SEO check, audit or strategy?

Since everyone’s budget and requirements are different we developed a modular approach.

  • We can set up dashboards in Google Looker Studio containing Search Console data
  • We can set up regular crawls with our cloud crawlers and feed that data in Looker Studio or via another reporting platform

For each client, we conduct a periodic automated SEO check. Compare this with your daily checks of your car: tires, oil, gas all need to be in order to drive safely on a daily basis.

When you take your car for maintenance to the shop, you can compare this to a professional SEO audit. Non-performing parts are taken care of and well working parts are checked.

When you are looking for a new driving-experience you talk to an advisor. Same goes for a digital strategy, we help you turn your business goals in digital kpi’s and campaigns. Your website is our performance car. Ready to race?

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SEO audit pricing

What does an SEO audit cost? We offer a non-binding first meeting in which we will check your data and discuss what you need. No strings attached. You don’t pay nothing so we don’t need to give you a ‘no money back guarantee’.

We always personalise our advice, so we will never send you a whitelabeled Semrush audit report to then charge you a premium. Reach out to us, share your data and, let’s discuss your SEO challenges.

We will head over to Google Search Console first, check the ‘performance’ report, then check the ‘Indexing’ and ‘experience’ reports. This is our starting point, and best of all: it’s free!

SEO Audit pricing depends on lot’s of factors:

  • website size
  • website languages / internationalisation
  • website type
  • website turnover
  • CMS (WordPress, Shopify, Next/Nuxt, custom, …)
  • coding language (html/css, .net, JS, …)

OK, we are not here to explain you how to audit your site; best is to talk with a certified SEO consultant who can not only help you grow your traffic but also your business.

Are you looking for someone who can fix your site without spending money on SEO-audits?

Talk to an SEO-Specialist!

The difference between free online SEO tools and a professional SEO analyst

I still remember the day Ilse came into our office. She was accompanied by her husband. Their son (he was then studying at MIT) helped them with building the website which was built on squarespace.

But they were stuck, they have created a website, and optimised for SEO. They have read every SEO-guide but they where still stuck on page 2.

We audited and optimised the website with a new site structure, navigation, UX and search terms, internal links and schema markup were optimized. The website received 600% more visits within the 3 weeks and the client’s sales increased significantly.

Read this google help article for helping you decide whether you need an SEO professional or not. If you want to learn SEO-auditing be sure to check out the first link to Google’s SEO starter guide and if you don’t have much time download the one page version.

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An SEO audit is just the beginning

After your SEO audit, the SEO recommendations need to be implemented. Depending on who needs to carry out the advice and what is possible within the budget, a timeline is drawn up. Many clients choose an SEO package to rest assured work is done on a monthly basis.

A Monthly SEO maintenance package can take many forms: Small and medium-sized businesses typically outsource all of their online marketing to Sherlock. For these SMEs, we perform various activities on a monthly basis. In addition to SEO audits, you can turn to Sherlock for: copywriting, content creation (graphic/video/animation), PR, link building, advertising, web analytics.

Marketing managers and agencies often ask for help in carrying out the work after an SEO Audit. We offer SEO consulting to support your internal teams (developers, content, marketing, PR). Regardless of your business type or size, you can of course take an audit with no further obligations. Please fill out the contact form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Whether you are a small or larger organisation, whether you want to do the work yourself and if you want just an audit or just the optimisation. Talk to our SEO Audit specialists.

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