An audit of your SEO?

Basically, SEO audits are about crawling/indexing/ranking (technique, content and promotion). This “SEO triplicity” is of course the basis of SEO. If you really want to rank in Google, your brand needs to be searched. If you want to rank high in Google in the long term with SEO, then you must work on SEO in a well thought-out, planned and targeted manner. Sherlock SEO takes a holistic view of SEO. This means that we take a lot of other factors into account. Over the course of 10 years, we developed the comprehensive Sherlock SEO audit. Because the Google algortime is different for each search and niche, each audit is also fully personalized and depends on your business and goals.

Crawling, indexing, ranking

The basis of an SEO audit is your technical SEO. A technical SEO audit roughly consists of three parts: crawling, indexing and ranking. The first area of focus is crawling. Crawling is the behavior that a bot sets when it visits your website. it is important that Googlebot can visit all your pages. By making sure that Google can crawl all your pages, it is most likely that your pages will also be included in the index. The second area of concern is indexing. The Google index is the database that Google keeps of the Internet. Since there are so many inferior pages, Google does not include all pages in its index. You ultimately want your pages to be able to be found in the Google results list. So to improve indexation make sure you have relevant content, avoid duplicate content, etc. The last point of interest is ranking. All factors that determine your position in the Google index are reconsidered by an algorithm for each search. There are more than 200 ranking factors, but lack of clarity is a problem. There are hundreds of patents related to the Google search algorithm. How the patents are used (and if they are used) is something Google rarely communicates. What we do know, for example, is that links and search terms are important factors for a high ranking.

SEO check, audit of strategie?

Since everyone’s budget and requirements are different we developed a modular approach. For each client, we conduct a standard internal automated SEO audit on a periodic basis and your website is monitored 24/7 for critical SEO errors. An SEO check can be compared to small maintenance for your car. Your most important SEO issues are checked and solved if possible. An SEO audit looks further, there is for example also a keyword or competition research conducted. Companies that want to score in the long run with online marketing always ask for a comprehensive SEO audit. In this holistic SEO audit technical, content and promotional factors are considered including advertising and social. All factors are compared against your competition. The SEO analysis is converted into an SEO or online marketing strategy.

SEO audit costs

What is the price of an SEO audit? A legitimate question. The first question is what SEO audit you need. To determine this we have a comprehensive questionnaire. We do not have standard rates simply because every website is different. Some questions we need to know the answers to: Do you want an audit of your technology, content or links? Do you want to take competition into account? How strong is your competition? How many pages does your website have, how many languages does your website contain, do you work locally, regionally, nationally or internationally? Is there any seasonality? … You understand that when the list of things you can take into account is almost endless it is easier to start from your budget or business objective. It goes without saying that a basic SEO check is cheaper than an extensive audit or continuous monitoring, follow-up and before we can estimate the time we need to audit your website. Ask us to fill out the questionnaire and our SEO Experts discusses the options.

Free SEO tools vs SEO analyst

Why have an SEO audit performed by an SEO professional? A simple search on Google for (free) SEO audit and SEO tools will give you thousands of results. The SEO market is natural and there are many (free) tools on the market. So why should you engage with a true SEO expert? To demonstrate the difference between software and an SEO expert the following example: We received an inquiry from a local company, they wanted to appear on the first page of Google for a competitive term. Despite all their efforts, they had failed to do so themselves. These people had a very good knowledge of SEO and yet the website was not progressing. They had read all the blogs on SEO and used all the free tools. We found out that links and authority were a big problem to rank higher for their search term. Since the client couldn’t just achieve that authority and links it was decided to fix other important SEO issues. The website got a new structure, navigation, UX and search terms, internal links and schema markup were optimized. The website received 600% more visits within the 3 weeks and the client’s sales increased significantly. Whether you do need an SEO you can also read in this google help article, be sure to check out the first link to Google’s SEO starter guide and if you don’t have much time download the one page version here.

What after your SEO audit?

After an SEO audit, the SEO recommendations need to be implemented. Depending on who needs to carry out the advice and what is possible within the budget, a timeline is drawn up. Many clients choose an SEO package to have some work done on a monthly basis. A Monthly SEO maintenance package can take many forms: Small and medium-sized businesses typically outsource all of their online marketing to Sherlock. For these SMEs, we perform various activities on a monthly basis. In addition to SEO audits, you can turn to Sherlock for: copywriting, content creation (graphic/video/animation), PR, link building, advertising, web analytics. Marketing managers and agencies often ask for help in carrying out the work after an SEO Audit. We offer SEO consulting to support your internal teams (developers, content, marketing, PR). Regardless of your business type or size, you can of course take an audit with no further obligations. Please fill out the contact form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Digital custom Solutions