What is SEO copywriting?

SEO copywriting is nothing more than the specific form of writing in which the copywriter takes SEO into account. The SEO copywriter takes into account the reader/searcher and its search intent, the search engines and the purpose of the page. SEO copywriting is used for websites, social media and advertising. Keywords are always used. These keywords are also called search words, search terms or keywords.

SEO Copywriting, a profession on its own

Your copy makes or breaks your website. But what do you need to write good SEO copy? To rank high in Google you need professional keyword research and a solid SEO strategy. The talent to write strong copy is not a luxury. Are you a subprime copywriter or do you not feel like writing your own texts? Then outsource your copywriting to a professional copywriter!

Writing for the search engine or the customer?

You write good seo texts for your ideal client (not for a search engine). Answer the search intention of your users and you will be rewarded. So you’ll end up on this page when you’re looking for an SEO copywriter. And you’ll land on our Blog when you’re looking for SEO tips. One SEO myth says that the more your keyword appears on your page the higher you rank in Google. Because of this, you often see copy where a certain word appears unnaturally often. This is not correct. SEO copywriting is much more than that. Check the quality of your SEO copy, request your SEO audit here!

SEO copy, user experience and usability

Usability and user experience may be expensive words but we can’t stress it enough. Everything in online marketing revolves around usability and user experience. But what does this mean in combination with SEO copywriting? It comes down to the fact that if the text doesn’t match the search intent of your website visitor, he or she will leave. Just like a first impression in real life, your texts are the first impression of your website. So make sure you have an optimal user experience by writing texts that address the right target group, use the correct terminology and tone and provoke the right action.

When is your text SEO-proof?

How do you know when your SEO texts are good enough? Google obviously looks at the use of your keywords, to what extent you mention the keyword and in what places you do this but Google also looks further. Google knows when a text is well written and for whom you are writing by looking at the structure, terminology and grammar. Google also looks at whether your texts are complete, this means for example that you use synonyms and highlight related topics. Whether your text is SEO-proof is entirely up to you. Do you want to score NR1? Do you want your text to rank for 100 keywords? Do you want to collect backlinks? We advise you to write holistic texts that survive the test of time. That way you’ll have the best chance that both Google and your website visitor like them.

What is the purpose of your SEO text?

Always write with a certain goal in mind, that way every text is different. There are texts for product pages, blog pages, services pages or social media and the different goals per text can vary greatly: sell, inform, read more, subscribe to your newsletter… Think carefully before you write a text. It’s best to plan this in advance with your SEO strategy and keyword research. A creative copywriter can write any kind of text and makes sure your texts achieve the result you have in mind.

SEO copy, the search results and Onpage SEO

View the your result in the SERP (Search Engine Result Page) or search results page as an advertisement. To get your website to show up in the search results optimize your “on-page SEO”. Your website has the following SEO elements: The blue link (your meta title), the green url (your web address) and the description in black (meta description). The SEO copywriter pays special attention to these elements. Just like internal links. Are you paying enough attention to all these SEO details?

Contentmarketing and SEO copywriting

Content marketing, inbound marketing and SEO are terms that describe roughly the same activity but each from a different perspective. Content marketing emphasizes promoting content, inbound emphasizes garnering organic traffic and SEO has a more technical connotation. At Sherlock, we believe that SEO is all-encompassing. No matter how you define it, at Sherlock we always consider the search engines when writing your copy. Whether your copy is for PR, social or offline.

The best SEO texts with keyword research

Even if you know your product and customers through and through, thanks to professional keyword research your SEO texts will be even more holistic and semantically connected. Keyword research provides an interesting insight into how people search for your product or service. You generate new content and angles that are important to your ideal customer. In a keyword research we also look at whether your website structure is optimal.

SEO copy for your web pages

Need SEO copywriting for web pages written by a professional SEO copywriter? The Sherlock SEO copywriting experts will take care of your quality web texts. We have different rates for all types of texts. Contact us to see what type of copy you need, what purpose it should serve and whether additional keyword research and possibly an SEO strategy is needed.

SEO copy for Onpage SEO

Did you have a website created with a lot of great copy but never paid much attention to your SEO? That’s possible, in fact it happens more often than you think. Many websites are delivered without titles or meta descriptions or these are generic, duplicate or not logically structured. Ask an SEO expert to take a look at your on-page SEO. Our SEO copywriters optimize the onpage SEO for various websites on a daily basis. Ask the Sherlock SEO copywriters to take a look in a onpage SEO audit at how good your onpage SEO copy is!

SEO copy for blogs

Blogging used to be a ‘hot’ item, today it is still an important source of traffic and income for many. Do you want to benefit from blog articles that bring in money in the form of engagement such as subscribers to your newsletter or people sharing your article on social media? Contact the Sherlock SEO copywriting experts, we will work with you to see which articles can bring in the most revenue in the short term.

SEO copy and Social media

If you are active on social media then you need to write new texts for your posts every day. These texts should attract attention and provoke interaction. Technically speaking, texts on social media are not seo texts and social media has no direct influence on SEO. However, social media is indirectly very important for your SEO because it provides recognition of your brand. And studies show that if you use your keywords in your posts on social media you elicit more engagement. Sounds logical, right? If you want to get even smarter about social media get in touch soon.

SEO copy and Linkbuilding

Are you already doing link building? And do you know what Linkbuilding has to do with SEO copy? Did you know that Google not only reads and analyzes the text on the link text (anchor texts or anchortexts) but also the text around the link (check: bag of words) and in the page! Yes indeed. Link building has changed a lot and Sherlock always provides links from quality pages. If we write articles for guest blogging or content marketing, we always provide the appropriate text and good links to it.

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Digital custom Solutions