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Every year, more than 100,000 homes are sold in Belgium. Research shows that buyers inform themselves first of all via Google. So being well visible is of the utmost importance. Leads are the lifeline to selling real estate. That is exactly the strength of Sherlock SEO Agency.

Sherlock SEO Agency has more than 10 years of experience in generating leads for companies in the real estate sector: promoters, developers, brokers and real estate websites.

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What is the importance of SEO for real estate leads?

Those looking to buy or sell a home primarily look online. Statistics show that 80% first search in Google. So without a doubt you want your website to score high (thanks to SEO) for the most relevant search terms around buying and selling homes that can give you nice leads.

Various studies (see graph below) have shown that your position in Google is directly related to the number of visitors on your website. On the first page there are 10 organic results (you don’t pay for these). Not only do most people click on the first three results, but there are also usually ads there that hijack a lot of traffic. Are you on the second page of Google right now? Get help from the Sherlock SEO professionals and get more real estate leads fast!

How well is your website set up for Google?

A website that is not in optimal health hinders your online presence. Potential customers drop out when pages don’t load or load slowly. Want lots of real estate leads? Then keep Google as a friend. How do you do this? Perform an SEO Audit. Don’t have an idea or feel like starting this? Ask advice from the Sherlock SEO specialists, an initial consultation is always without obligation.

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Why is SEO so important for real estate marketing?

First, because SEO real estate leads are the cheapest. Our experience shows that paid campaigns also generate good leads for real estate.

  • Higher positions in Google

    Higher in search results means more real estate leads!

  • More real estate leads

    More real estate leads grow your real estate business.

  • Profitability

    Getting to the top of Google is the cheapest way to collect real estate leads!

Every day there are more than 60,000 searches with the exact terms “house for sale”, “buy house”, “apartment for sale”, “buy apartment” and “buy property”

For all combinations with the search term “house for sale” there are more than half a million searches every month. Most of these are interesting for you as a real estate agent. grootste deel daarvan is interessant voor jou als immobiliën makelaar.

Equally interesting for a real estate agency are the people who want to sell their house or apartment. Every day, about 1,200 people type in a specific search query in this way

Getting started with real estate marketing?

  • Market Research

    The first step to better online findability online is research. Who are your competitors, how do they score and what can you learn from them? The issues that keep your website from scoring high in Google are addressed and solved.

  • Keyword research

    To get more real estate leads, you need to know how your ideal customer searches. A keyword research finds out all the important terms for which you need to rank high in Google. Keyword research is the most important thing to get a high return on your marketing investment. With the right keywords you will score more leads from Google.

  • Tracking & webanalytics

    When you invest in marketing, it's important to measure the return. To do this we set up a lot of things so you know how visitors get to you, which pages they visit and what actions they do or don't perform. Based on your analysis you decide to adjust your marketing budget. Ultimate goal? More leads interested in your real estate portfolio!

  • Website optimization and organic promotion

    Your Google friendly website receives far more visitors from the search engines than your peers. This is through unique landing pages, the right content and organic promotion. SEO copywriting, social media, newsletters,... It's all part of an optimal website. Let's not forget the graphic and creative work either.

  • Collecting Reviews

    The best advertising is word of mouth. Reviews give a good idea of your business to new prospects. On top of that, online reviews are an important part of ranking higher in Google!

  • Online Advertising

    With online ads, you reach your target audience easily and pay only for a click, view or engagement. We can also help you advertise in newspapers, radio or on TV. We have a preference for efficient use of media plans.

Here's what organic growth looks like for a real estate project we ran our SEO on

“Sherlock werkte een professioneel plan van aanpak uit voor zowel onze website als SEO/SEA. Ik kan het Sherlock team iedereen aanraden!”

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