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The biggest and most successful companies once started as a small store or started as an idea in the minds of their creators. Finding success to develop into a truly powerful, distinctive and recognized brand is rarely easy and requires a lot of work, time and investment.

Companies face many challenges. Numerous large organizations have developed over a period of many years, and their growth has been driven by advertising and marketing through traditional avenues -including newspapers, commercials, flyers and radio spots. These expressions worked very well until a few years ago but no longer in the digital age. Now your approach must change to make a substantial connection with the modern consumer.


State of the Art Search Marketing

For many large companies, the transition to digital is plagued by stumbling blocks, interruptions and difficulties. Putting a huge catalog online or creating a website for services across different regions, languages, countries and currencies can be an uphill task. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. We have proven methods for developing your digital presence to be as strong as your offline impact.


SEO Strategy

After an initial “discovery” session in which we get to know the company and its specific targets, we go to investigate. Sherlock always strives for the ultimate online strategy, based on extensive research. We bring together the aggregate data we find in web analytics tools, search engines, competitors and social media into a holistic online strategy.

Technical SEO, IA & UX

Enterprise websites have completely different SEO issues than small business websites. First, the Information architecture is much more complex. IA largely overlaps with UX and MarCom and strategy also affects your site architecture.

Technical details such as image compression, sitespeed, crawl budget, internationalization, mixed-content, sitemaps and schema markup are just a few examples of (technical SEO) issues that can directly have huge impacts on your ROI from search engines on a large scale.

Sherlock offers solutions for every type of business: E-commerce, publishers and informative/helpdesk websites.


Linkbuilding, Digitale PR & Content Marketing

Link building is as old as the search engines and regularly you hear quatongen who claim that SEO and link building are dead. But nothing could be further from the truth. What is true is that organic promotion has come of age. Link building is where digital PR and content marketing meet.

Quality content is more and more rewarded, yet achieving the top search engine results is often not possible without linkbuiding. Notifications of your brand online and usage signals are gaining importance and link building is becoming more difficult by the day.

Sherlock is happy to help you give your brand that extra visibility online by combining content marketing and link building into a powerful, sustainable combination.

Local SEO

Local SEO is indispensable and at the same time complex for franchises and businesses with many physical retail outlets.

Collecting reviews, monitoring the reputation of each retail outlet, adjusting custom opening hours, are just some of the specific issues that quickly become a stumbling block on a large scale.

Sherlock helps you increase visibility by setting up and managing a Local SEO strategy. We provide enhanced visibility within Google Maps, optimal management of Google My Business, citations, etc.

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